"We had to figure out another solution because we needed something bigger. . . We started with the inventory part and have been slowly adding on to it."

David Kayne, VP Operations at Blacksmiths Depot

Blacksmiths Depot (BSD) uses their open source ERP solutions to seamlessly integrate sales, purchasing, inventory control, accounting, and e-commerce. With this new dynamic in place, BSD was able to find strategies that better acclimated them to the ever changing speeds and technologies of the world.

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A continuum of expertise

An accounting-centric, cross-disciplined team, deeply experienced in connecting all things Open Source.

Manufacturing made better

Odoo’s Manufacturing systems may be the most flexible in the market. Customers use Odoo Manufacturing for industries that include simple kiting, Contract Manufacturing, Aerospace, Electronics and Medical Devices. To support these diverse industries, Odoo’s Manufacturing and Quality Management systems are ready to configure for ISO, AS9100 and 21 CFR and other standards for quality and safety. 

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Deploy your system on Premise, or in the Cloud, managed by best-in-class containerization

Odoo easily integrates with 3rd party authentication systems, using modern security features and access controls. This flexibility helps IT departments maintain ITAR, SOC2 and other security controlled corporate architectures.